Accommodation in the Krushne Hory Mountains,
Cottage at the Valasheks

We offer accommodation in a wooden cottage at Valasheks (U Valašků) located in a romantic landscape (see the photogallery) of the Krushne Hory Mountains (Krušné Hory), which is situated on the periphery of the village Horni Blatna, near a famous skiing resort Bozi.

Prices are for the whole cottage per night
Accommodation: 8 persons maximum
Number of beds: 8

Type of season Terms Nights (minimally) Price for the whole cottage per night
HIGH WINTER SEASON 02.01. - 03.04. minimally 7 nights
(changeable by prior agreement)
1400 CZK
OFF SEASON 03.04. - 08.05. 1200 CZK
OFF SEASON 08.05. - 26.06. 1300 CZK
HIGH SUMMER SEASON 26.06. - 28.08. 1400 CZK
OFF SEASON 28.08. - 18.09. 1300 CZK
OFF SEASON 18.09. - 18.12. 1300 CZK
CHRISTMAS 18.12. - 25.12. from 1400 to 2100 CZK
NEW YEAR´S EVE 25.12. - 02.01. 2500 CZK

No more than two pets are allowed.
Fee for one pet: 80 CZK per day
Electricity:paid at the spot - high tarif 5 CZK/1 kWh, low tarif 3 CZK/1 kWh
Firewood consumption:paid only in winter (firewood = 900 CZK for every week of stay, 1 package of coal = 130 CZK)
Water:(drinkable from a duct): free of charge

Recreation and spa fees are included in the price.

Accommodation in the Krusne Hory Mountains, Cottage at the Valasheks

The location offers various sport activities (biking, in winter skiing at nearby ski slope or cross-country skiing – the famous Krusnohorska Skiing Road is nearby). There are football, voleyball and basketball playing fields in the vicinity of the cottage. The location is ideal for walks, biking, hiking, picking of mushrooms and blueberries, visiting Karlovy Vary, Jáchymov Spa or a picturesque border town Potůčky with a nice swimming-pool. Nearby there is a rock ledge called “Spooks” where climbing can be trained. Although the cottage itself is secluded and near a forest, local shops, restaurants, a post office are easily available in the village of Horni Blatna. Though not large, the village offers six restaurants and pubs. In 15 minutes you can reach a restaurant where warm meals are served every day.

The cottage is suitable also for a two-generation family with small children (8 persons at most). The cottage offers completely equipped kitchen including a fridge, a freezer, a microwave and an electrical cooker. In the living room there is a big dining table and a cosy resting place with radio, DVD a TV. There is a bathroom and WC, hot water from a water heater. On the upper floor there are small bedrooms, accessible by a rather steep staircase and equipped with duvets and bed sheets. There is a relaxing area behind the cottage enabling to enjoy campfires, barbecues and grilling. The cottage has a large area that ends up in forest. You can park your car directly in front of the cottage; in winter when the access road can be quickly covered with snow your car/cars can be parked nearby the cotage (within 90 metres). After 15 minutes´ walk you are in a restaurant where meals are prepared for the whole day.

General conditions

The owner will pass the cottage personally or via a commissioned person on agreed day and hour. The key will be given to a user immedially after his/her arrival and the user will be informed about the usage of the main equipment (electricity high tarif 5 CZK/1 kWh, low tarif 3 CZK/1 kWh, water, gas, kitchen fittings etc.). The orderly cottage will be leased with clean beddings, towels and toilet paper. The user is aware that for a valid reservation an agreed advance must be paid as soon as possible and sent to the owner's account. Rest of the price will be paid in cash after the arrival when the key is passed to the user. A security deposit will be paid also after the arrival. This security deposit will be charged out before the departure when the price of the really consumed electricity and water will be accounted. During the taking over of the cottage from the owner or the commissioned person the state of electrometer will be put down. Any defects should be noticed during the taking over of the cottage and announced to the owner or the commissioned person. User will take care of the leased cottage properly. Any damage done during the stay will be reimbursed in cash before the departure while returning the cottage to the owner or the commissioned person. In case the user withdraws from the agreement he/she will be charged a lapse fee agreed in advance. In case the cottage is not cleaned properly before user's departure the owner has the right to charge a cleaning fee of 500 CZK. The cottage must be put in order at the time of departure; the term of departure is always put down on the agreement. During the taking over of the cottage the state of electrometer will be recorded. Any deffects should be noticed already during the taking over of the cottage and consulted with the owner or the commissioned person.

How to make a reservation at the
Cottage at the Valasheks?

1. By phone: +420 603 552 366
2. By e-mail:
3. Via an on-line form

How to get to us

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